The 411 on the Listen To Your Mother Show-Now in Podcast Form

Here's a little something different. Instead of reading me write about the Listen To Your Mother show, you can now listen to me talk about it.  

Susan Macarelli runs the site Beyond Your Blog, an incredible resource for writers, where she shares opportunities and information about getting published. I got the opportunity, along with Listen To Your Mother: Milwaukie (Wisconsin, not Oregon) director/producer Alexandra Rosas, to talk to her about the auditory equivalent of being published, reading a story aloud for an audience. 

In the first half of the podcast, Alexandra talks about her experiences reading for NPR's The Moth, Blogher's Voices of the Year, as well as for the Listen To Your Mother show. She shares her thoughts on the benefits of putting yourself in front a live audience for your stories and voice to be heard.

The second half of the podcast is me, laying down the who, what, when, where, why and how of Listen To Your Mother.

We cover the origins of the show and the format, and get into the details not only about how to audition, but how best to prepare and what to expect.

We also talk about what the Listen To Your Mother directors and producers are looking for when they cast a show and what they would most like you to know about being involved.

And of course I gush quite a bit about how Listen To Your Mother facilitates magical bonds on every level; between the show's creators, storytellers, and audience.

The podcast is made for an audience of writers/bloggers, but it is for ANYONE who is interested in learning more about the Listen To Your Mother show, because as you well know by now, EVERYONE is welcome to audition and attend.

Come and have a listen!