They Put Me on the YouTube: LTYM Videos Are Live!

    You may recall, I have been yammering non-stop about Listen To Your Mother for the last eight months. First I whooped and hollered about being part of a team, chosen to bring the show to Portland for the first time, along with my directorial debut. Then I went on about the magic of auditions and casting and rehearsals. Finally, I gushed about the experience of the show  itself and about being filled to the brim with gratitude for the people and the universe who helped make this most beautiful thing happen. And then I went quiet, and waited.  More than eighty producers and directors and five-hundred plus cast members in thirty-two cities waited; while Listen To Your Mother elves furiously hammered and hashed through the tapes,

    Today, the 2014 videos went live on YouTube. 

   I am thrilled to invite you come and see for yourself, what has happened here in the name of motherhood. Correction: what is happening here.  Laugh-cry and cry-laugh your way through our own Portland show and slip virtually into the theater seats of our sister cities to devour their stories. 

  With special thanks to the LTYM video production team, national sponsor T.Rowe Price and as always and forever more, creator and national director, Ann Imig.  




07/10/2014 4:27am

You'd be the bestest flight attendant ever!! Such patience!! Such grace!! And you didn't threaten to throw any children off the plane!


Carisa Miller

07/10/2014 8:18am

Patient and grace? Boy do I have you fooled. xoxo


Foxy Wine Pocket

07/10/2014 9:01am

As if I couldn't love you any harder... Fabulous piece and perfectly performed. Thanks for my morning laugh! xoxo



07/10/2014 9:26am

Haha. You are hilarious! If I had you as a flight attendant I'd actually be willing to fly when I travel.