Fascism is Slimming: A Bright-Side-of-Trump List

Fascism is slimming. (I’ve hardly been able to eat since election day.)

The entire non-confrontational population has been synchronistically activated and unleashed. (Call me a special snowflake one more time.)

Reality TV has become redundant.

White, upper middle class, suburban stay-at-home moms throw killer protests. (And make the cutest signs.)



I’m no longer embarrassed about crying to my conservative family members months ago, when I told them I was afraid for my children and compared Trump to Hitler. 

Panic attacks are the new cardio.

Facebook Groups has finally revealed its true purpose as a useful political resistance organizing tool. 

We now know that time travel (backwards at least) is possible.

The idea of being an enemy of the state gives me a thrill. (I’m a big fan of list making.)

No more small talk.  

Watching movies with my kids is more exciting. (No more assuring promises that bad guys never win.)

American Civil War reenactments can be repurposed as tutorials. 

People are talking on their phones again. (To their elected officials.)

Zero holiday stress. (Thanks to the sheer dread of an impending reign of terror. )

Pssst! I'm one of the white, upper middle class, suburban stay-at-home moms staging protests and accumulating resistance resources....check this out:

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