I'm Not Interested in Alcohol Anymore-for Scary Mommy

...Peer pressure is still a thing at thirty-five, but it isn’t as outright. At a party, a drink in your hand is an accessory everyone expects you to have. Without one, people constantly offer. I get a surprise reaction, when I say, “No, thank you.”  Friends think I’m kidding when I tell them my cocktail is virgin. They hesitate to drink as much as they would, were I partaking.  It’s hard for me to tell someone  I’m not interested, and not feel as though I’m back in high school where people assumed that by not drinking,  I was judging them negatively for drinking.

The biggest difference between peer pressure in my teens and peer pressure in my mid-thirties, is how it affects me. Then, I wanted desperately to fit in with the crowd. Now, I don’t give a rip if someone thinks I’m not cool because I don’t drink. Even better, I’m not in relationships that could be affected by such a thing... 

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