Disgusting Places From Which My Toddler Drinks

Slurping Pavement by Carisa Miller

A toddler on the go needs to stay hydrated. Fortunately, my child does not discriminate. When it comes to her fluids, she will drink from any source she can find. 

I have witnessed my daughter...

Slurping from the mossy slime puddle formed on the BBQ cover over the winter.

Licking water off the car.

Chugging bath water, every time she takes a bath. (Bonus points for sucking stale water out of water-retaining bath toys.)

Sipping from her own glass, after she has taken a drink and spit it back in.

Swigging melted ice water from the camping cooler, out of her filthy cupped hands..

Sipping rainwater off the slide at the park.

Sucking from her little red wagon after it’s been left outside for weeks..

Cleaning up the floor with her mouth when she spills her drink.

Drinking while swimming at the public pool.

Lapping from a giant puddle on the elementary school playground.

Obviously, I discourage her drinking habits, but she’s quick to wet her whistle and often impossible to intercept. At this point, I suspect she’s either highly immune to infection or hosting parasites. Either way, eww.