Remarkable Components of A Three-Year-Old Child

1. Complete Obviousness
 “Mommy, let’s play hide and seek. You count, and I will go hide behind the couch.”

2. Sticktoitiveness
A request to eat peanut butter and jam for lunch. Every single day.

3. Determination

Never has there been a stronger lobbyist for a person’s right to remain in their pajamas.

4. Selective Memory
They do not seem to recall the thirty minute bout of crying and yelling that stopped thirty seconds ago, but they remember that grandma always keeps a lollipop in her purse. 

5. Stubbornness
 Flat out refusal to do the things you ask, based not on their unwillingness, but that you asked. 

6. Lapses in Ability
While they demand their right to dress, buckle and wipe themselves, they continue to hand you empty food wrappers and used tissues.

7. Timelessness
Everything in the past happened ‘yesterday’, everything to come will happen ‘tomorrow’. A unique method of timekeeping to be sure.

8. Utter Absurdity
They just made up a word and it is absolutely hilarious. To them.

9. Total Absence of Rationale
Whatever set off the tantrum is not what the tantrum is about nor what the tantrum will end up being about before it is over.

10. Head in the Sand Syndrome
They somehow believe if they crawl from sitting right in front of you, to under the dining table to pick their nose, you will not see them leave their seat or know what they are doing.

11. Mind Erasing Capability
One smile, one helpful or loving gesture from them or, in the event of the absence of those things, the sweet expression on their faces while they sleep, wipes out the memory of the day’s battles in the minds of their combatants.

12. Extreme Mood Swings
Cue wild shouts of excitement and an elaborate dance of joy, the elephants are next up on our tour of the zoo. Two minutes later, we hear cries of utter desolation and witness a body collapse to the ground and weep because someone asked her to go potty first. This is the only in your life, it is socially acceptable to be manic-depressive. 



04/21/2014 1:42pm

LOL. These were great. I have one I call the Innocent Irony, where my daughter insists on watching the episode of Dora I'd just deleted from the DVR because she'd been rejecting it for days.


Carisa Miller

04/21/2014 2:15pm

Exactly. Does having to pee as soon as we leave the house, count? 'But I didn't have to go when you asked me to.'


Foxy Wine Pocket

04/22/2014 12:25pm

This is a most excellent list. #3 killed me. We have an entire photo album dedicated to my son in pajamas: at the park, bowling, berry picking, lounging at the pool, at the airport. All at age 3.


Carisa Miller

04/22/2014 10:00pm

The things they get away with. I'm so jealous.



05/01/2014 11:15am

My son has extreme selective memory - He also has horrible sense of time. Lol. They're cute though. I'll be at the Blog U this June and look forward to meeting you Carisa! Have a great one -Iva