Observations Made While Camping With Young Children

Concerned by the contents of your home amassing in your driveway, the neighbors ask if you're permanently relocating.

Babies poop more in the wilderness. Older kids say they don't have to, then ask you stop the car ten minutes from home in heavy traffic.  

Every third spot in the campground is reserved for people who set off their car alarms. 

Two adults, plus two small children, plus four cots equals two adults with a child each on top of them, plus two unused cots.

Raccoons steal marshmallows. 

The campers who liberally exercise their freedom to explode midnight fireworks within a two month radius of the 4th of July, are the most patriotic. 

Waking up in nature is brilliantly refreshing and peaceful, minus the strong desire to kill early-morning songbirds.

Giving a toddler a stick to play with is safe compared to other favorite campsite games such as: "Run Away Into the Road" and "Charge the Campfire".

Bedtimes get earlier each night due to excessive play. Applicable to children and adults.

Anyone who brushes their teeth beyond the first night is exceeding expectations.

No matter how you organize your camp, ten minutes into your stay it will resemble the mess you live in at home, plus trees.

It doesn't matter how far away from the beach you camp. You will bring home sand.

Ho-lee laundry.


Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

07/18/2013 9:04am

You cracked me up with "a two month radius around the 4th of July." And preach it about the sand.


Carisa Miller

07/18/2013 12:43pm

Hi, Ellen! People who set off fireworks late at night are elusive like rainbows. They are always just beyond where you can get to them. 

Got a great tip from a fellow blogger on removing sand from sticky bodies...baby powder makes it dust right off! Works great on little bottoms.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons

07/18/2013 1:06pm

All reasons why I will never go camping! :-) Call me spoiled but I really like my air conditioning, running water, and Keurig!



07/18/2013 1:31pm

Nice. You are so right, especially the amount of crap that even just one small person requires. We totally filled--to the top!--our car for a 4-day camping trip last year with a 9-month-old. I'm kinda nervous we're going to need to rent a trailer for camping once there are two rugrats running around.



07/18/2013 5:59pm

Laughing! One of our photos from this summer is of our daughter carrying around a huge stick.



09/03/2013 5:28pm

I went camping with our kids for the first time this summer- they are 4 and at the time 7 months. 
We packed the entire kids room practically, and left all the bottles at home except for the one she had for the drive. So- you will pack everything you don't need and forget at least one thing you absolutely needed and can't get at the camp ground convenience mart.


Carisa Miller

09/03/2013 9:28pm

Is that the weekend the baby weaned to hot dogs? We got half way down the road once and realized neither my husband or I had packed anything for ourselves.


Bumblebee Days

09/03/2013 7:40pm

Camping with little kids? You are very brave. We just got back from a hotel vacation where I learned that no matter how much you plan, something unexpected will always happen at the last minute. Like your toddler learning how to climb out of her crib.


Carisa Miller

09/03/2013 9:33pm

Get outta town. Our toddler just started doing the same. If I was ever temped to use duct tape...last night at o'dark thirty, we heard footsteps on the stairs and called our for our four year old who from time to time makes a call for middle of the night snuggles. Instead, it was our eighteen month old on her maiden midnight voyage to our bed.



06/23/2014 11:43am

15 more reasons why I'm never going camping. LOL. That toothbrushing one is going to give me nightmares.


Carisa Miller

06/23/2014 11:46am

Aww, c'mon. It's fun!


Mary Widdicks

06/23/2014 6:18pm

LOL Charging the Campfire. My toddler did this too. What the hell?!?


Carisa Miller

06/23/2014 7:24pm

My older girl had a healthy fear of dangerous things from birth. The younger one thinks she can walk on water and through fire. Good times for parents. Fingers crossed, this year will be easier.


Amy Flory - Funny Is Family

06/24/2014 4:42am

We got back from a camping trip on Sunday, so my laundry should be done by August.


Carisa Miller

06/24/2014 9:37am

Sounds about right. My problem is I pack enough clothing for everyone to have a fresh change of clothes everyday. Stupid. No one changes their clothes when they're camping. But I have to wash everything that didn't get worn because the dirty clothes get packed back in next to the clean ones and everything smells like campfire. (I really do love camping. Also, complaining. )



06/24/2014 11:38am

So true. Especially about the mess. What is up with the mess in the tent? And the stuff... Most of which you'll never use.



06/25/2014 2:35pm

Good stuff and probably super helpful for non-wussy moms who will actually take their kids camping. I'm what I call an indoor bird. 

#11 made me smile :)


Carisa Miller

06/25/2014 3:37pm

I love finding out who is outdoorsy and who is not. We are die-hard dirt lovers here, but I also completely adore the comfort of interior spaces. Thank you for coming by, Nina.

#11 makes my teeth feel fuzzy.


Beth Malone

07/01/2014 7:21pm

Oh man I laughed so hard at this. Especially numbers 5 and 11. Last time we took our daughter camping (before #2 came along), I had allergies of epic proportions (think: cannot stop sneezing. ever.) Then my hubs got some sort of awful stomach virus (think: could not leave porta-potty). Then my toddler literally screamed for 2 1/2 hours. We put her in the car, we felt so bad about her keeping everyone up. AND YET we someone decided to go camping again this year?!?! Proof we are insane.


Beth malone

07/01/2014 7:22pm

"somehow," I mean. We "somehow" decided to go camping. Sheesh. I am tired.


Gramma C

07/10/2014 10:11am

My favorite first camping tale -early and primitive--happened when our 4 y/o daughter just could not grasp the concept of pooping while squatting. I made a sling with my hands and she sat on it and was able to do her doo doo. About the time it fell to the ground between my feet, her little brother wandered by, saw the action, whooped with laughter pointing at the product, causing her to lean forward looking down at what he was pointing at. It was too much! Mortified, she threw -up as she fell forwards, fortunately missing it and her brother. However, it did not have any affect on our love of camping.